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Lighting makes all the difference!


Left: Blah! Architectural test photo of the ship looks passable but sort of dull.

Bottom: Final version. Wow! Yes, it really is the same ship. The two photos were taken within 24 hours of each other. Both photos taken by Doug.

Final photo below was the result of test shots taken from three different angles at various times of day.


Don't rely on snapshots instead of professional photos. Consider the quality difference that an experienced pro like Doug can make for your client or your family.



Doug's mastery of lighting makes pictures come alive, whether he is photographing weddings, events, or places.





Lighting makes all the difference, again:

First Covenant Church in Sacramento - near Rancho Cordova, California. It's a well respected local church known for straightforward, gimmick-free Bible teaching. Architecturally it is also straightforward - basically just a concrete box.

As a challenge Doug strove to make a straightforward building look dramatic. So he photographed it from the east side in late afternoon, heavily backlit with the sun just above it. Oblique sun lighting plus a curved walkway combined to give Doug's photo dramatic impact.







Digital enhancement


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