Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah photos document a day that has family, religious, and just-plain-fun overtones. 


Bat Mitzvah
& Bar Mitzvah

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Photo above: Bat Mitzvah ceremony photographed using existing light (no flash). We took this photo from the temple's rear using a telephoto lens.

We photograph Bat Mitzvahs and Bar Mitzvahs almost exactly the same as we photograph weddings.

There are individual portraits of the special person; family group photos; ceremony photos; and reception photos.

Receptions are fun affairs that may include dancing, cake candle lighting, and brave folks carried overhead on chairs. Of course we'll photograph appropriate scenes including many candid shots such as groups of friends, special request photos, and whatever else turns up.

If you have a DJ or MC at the reception, we'll work with them to coordinate the fun.

We always cooperate with video, whether professional or amateur.

Above: the Bat Mitzvah girl poses with the Torah and her rabbi.


Above: Family gathers around pulpit and Torah during the ceremony.



The Bat Mitzvah girl and her mom pose outside the temple.



Above: Bat Mitzvah girl dances afterwards with her friends.



Relaxed photography style

We photograph all events politely, efficiently, and mostly in the background. We believe your special day should be spent as much as possible with your friends & family. We plan ahead so your event doesn't become a time consuming photo shoot.

Doug has been photographing events professionally for over 20+ years and has the skills to do it very well.

Before you ask your cousin to photograph your event "free" with his fancy new camera, consider this --- Doug takes pictures that turn out great every time, and take less time away from your guests, than any well-meaning amateur can.

Doug enjoys photographing people and events, capturing beautiful images your family will treasure for generations.


The case for professionalism: click here


Any color photo can now be converted to black & white or sepia tone at no extra charge.
This enables creative choices to be made after the event, after you've seen your photo proofs.

Booking deposit $350, Phone or e-mail Doug to confirm your date.
All Doug's photography packages include copyright cleared,images.
We perform photography throughout Northern California. No travel charge within 100 miles of Sacramento area.





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