Some wedding pictures just look fantaastic in black and white! .. web page updated August 2010 


Black & White

If you enjoy a vintage look for your photos, or as a creative choice, BLACK & WHITE often looks terrific.

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Photo above: Romantic style soft focus, black and white photo of Sarah and Tim.
Doug photographed this at Foresthill's Monte Verde Inn in front of the barn.
The above photo was taken the old fashioned way...using film.
Recent technical advances have made this kind of quality
achievable with digital cameras also.
See example below!



BlBlack & White photos:

Now better than ever


The photo above of Sarah and Tim is one of our all time favorites!

But black & white digital technology has greatly matured since we photographed the above image a few years back. Until very recently, truly good black & white photo quality required the use of film.

But...Check out the amazing, amazing quality level of the black & white photo BELOW which Doug captured recently. The original image was actually in color. Today's recent black & white conversion software has improved immensely in the last three years. This photo's tonal range rivals what was previously possible using only the best black & white chemistry & film. But a digital camera was used - no film, no chemicals.

Doug illuminated this portrait with our Alien Bees studio flash reflected from a white photo umbrella, balanced against the natural sunlight behind the portrait subject.



 Above: Otis Moore, pastor of Lighthouse Apostolic Church in South Sacramento. Location is the balcony of his apartment.
The photo was used in publicity for his church.

You can see an earlier version of this photo here.





Relaxed photography style

We photograph weddings politely, efficiently, and mostly in the background. We believe your wedding day should be a wedding day --- not a time consuming photo shoot. With hundreds of weddings photographed over 20+ years, Doug has the skills you need.

Before you ask your cousin to photograph your event "free" with his fancy new camera, consider this --- Doug takes pictures that turn out well every time, and take less time away from your guests, than any well-meaning amateur can.

Doug enjoys photographing weddings and captures beautiful images your family will treasure for generations.


The case for professionalism: click here



Any color wedding photo can now be converted to black & white or sepia tone at no extra charge.
This enables creative choices to be made after the wedding, after you've seen your photo proofs.

Booking deposit $350, Phone or e-mail Doug to confirm your date.
All Doug's photography packages include copyright cleared,images.
We perform photography throughout Northern California. No travel charge within 100 miles of Sacramento area.





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