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I always blink in photos. Can you help?  


Yes, and we'll help you in two ways. First, we take multiple shots of group poses -- almost always we get one picture where nobody blinks.

Second, we keep the sun out of your eyes while posing. These poses were BACKLIT BY THE SUN (on purpose -- to keep the sun out of your eyes.) This greatly helps folks who squint or blink in bright light.

Backlighting normally gives heavy shadows that obscure details. By using professional grade flash equipment during the exposure,and knowing how to adjust it, photographer Doug has "opened up" the shadows to show details you'd otherwise miss. Details like faces, clothing, boquets.


Photos on this page demonstrates how Doug uses Fill Flash to maintain details in the shadows.Fill flash works best for experienced photographers who know when to use it and how to control it. Fill flash that's too bright will burn out white details in wedding dresses. Fill flash that's too weak leaves heavy shadows. The automatic settings in digital cameras tend to give poor exposures in tricky lighting -- like the poses you see on this page. Doug knows how & when to use manual exposures instead of automatic exposure.


Doug took these wedding photos in Old Sacramento near the California Railroad Museum.

Q. What is "fill flash" --- and why is it important for wedding photography?
Answer:  Professional photographers like Doug use fill flash to reveal details inside shadows, and to soften shadows.

Professional cameras, when used with pro-grade flash equipment, can enable fill flash. Amateur cameras advertise they can perform fill flash, but it's not really true. They don't have enough flash power to illuminate backlit portraits more than a few feet distant from the camera.

Above: Beautiful portrait of Sandra has the sun behind her. Just the right amount of electronic flash keeps her face from going into shadow, while retaining detail in the Capitol grounds behind her.

Booking deposit $350. Doug performs photography in Sacramento, Rosevilleacer County, Elk Grove, Lake Tahoe, Dixon, Vacaville , Chico, Paradise, Yuba City, Newcastle, CA --- no travel charge within a two hour drive of Sacramento.






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