Brian's First Communion

St. Mary's Catholic Church - Sacramento

May 1, 2010

Above: Church volunteers get them posed for a big group picture prior to the ceremony. Although I got a snapshot of the group (below) I can't take credit for setting it up. They had an official photographer that I was trying to keep out of the way of.

I snapped this big group shot on my much older "backup" camera instead of my pro digital camera. The old backup camera was loaded with 100-speed film wihch was way too slow for a large group posed in the shade and no tripod.

My pro digital camera only had a fast telephoto lens attached on it (I'd set it up that way in advance in order to prepare to shoot photos inside the church with no flash.)  The sharp candid setting-up shots ABOVE the group photo were takon on the digital camera with the fast, fixed Nikon 50mm f:1.4 lens.

They did have an official photographer who used a tripod for this pose, and I expect his version of the big group shot will come out clearer.


 Above: Nice sounding, enjoyable choir! Digital camera with very fast lens.


Processional shot inside St Mary's.
Photography note:  Doug shot this using a 20-year old Nikon film camera with 19mm wide angle zoom lens and flash turned on, 100-speed film. To get sharp indoor pictures of people moving you usually have to use flash. The exception is a brightly lit environment (like Arco arena at a Kings game.) St Mary's Church is fairly bright towards the altar area but dark towards the rear where the processional starts.


Kids leave their seats to go forward with family and sponsors.
Photography note: Doug's digital wedding camera with Nikon 50mm f:1.4 lens (not a zoom lens.)  No flash.


Gentleman on the right sat in the pew right behind us. (Photographed with no flash.) 





Photography note for photo above: 20-year old Nikon film camera, wide angle lens, 100-speed film, using fill flash in bright sunlight. Sharp and clear due to it being sunlight instead of shade (unlike the large group photo on the church steps which was in the shade.) 

One of the very great advantages of today's digital cameras is being able to change its sensitivity to light by turning a dial. That's equivalent of changing your film to a faster or slower roll, and all it takes is the twist of a dial.

I will re-edit the above photo when I have time and bring in the white clothing detail. Film does have an advertage over digital in its ability to retain detail in highlights. Using digital editing I should be able to make the overly bright spot in this photo "burned down" to show detail. (Burned down is a darkroom term.)  In digital terms you'd probably call it highlight recovery.     

 Water baptism was observed at home after communion!


Photo above: Photographer-Doug and Beverly relaxed in spite of mammoth creatures directly behind them.








Copyright policy for this first communion page only OK to reproduce photos on this page for legitimate church purposes and for family members and known friends of the participants; all other rights reserved by the photographer; all photos on this page photographed by moi (c) 2010. Please give photo credit to the photographer if publishing photo on a website or in print.







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