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Example at left:

Traditional meets high tech

Today's beautiful cell phone screens work great to show off wedding (or Bat Mitzvah) photos anywhere, any time!

Ditto for iPad's & Android TABLETS with their larger screens.

If your device breaks or gets lost, no worries. The photos in them are only copies.

If you don't already know how to load photos we'll help you at no charge.

Since we grant Copyright Release to our customers, it's legal to upload the pictures to Flickr, Facebook etc.


At left:  Actual photos, NOT "simulated images" like those advertisements use. Unretouched snapshots on Doug's Galaxy S2 phone.

This web page being updated June 2013, work in progress.

I use a Samsung Galaxy 2 phone, and my wife has an Apple iphone 4S.
Yes, wedding photos look terrific on both.



Example photo




This album above is 20+ years old and has survived several Bridal Fairs where it was exhibited. A high quality album like this beautifully protects and displays its images. .

Classic albums (example at left is an old style)

$400 - 2000


Leather and other covers available in a variety of colors and styles. This style has stood the test of time and is the most easily repaired if a future 2-year old causes damage. The album at left survived a lifetime of handling during Doug's bridal fair exhibits and looks almost like new despite its age.

The older style page at left has brass bindings, but newer designs use leather binding.

The sample parent album is about 20 years old and is a lower end product using 4x5 inch photos. This album was damaged by very rough handling, but its lacquer protected photo images are in perfect condition.

Parent albums (example at left is an old style)

By quote

Parent albums usually have fewer images and sometimes smaller sized prints.

The example at left has photo-lacquer protected prints. It survived a spilled glass of red Hawaiian Punch! The images were not damaged! The mats around the photos got stained.

Electronic albums: hand held

"Free" if you already have a Smart phone!

Traditional meets high tech! Image at left: We loaded some cool reception photos onto this cell phone. Eagle eyes will notice this is a 5 year old Palm Treo that still works, and has a best-in-class screen.

Today's cell phone screens are beautiful and ideal for showing wedding photos at the spur of the moment.

If your device is ever lost or breaks, no worries, the photos on them are only copies.

Great screens are on all current smart phones, plus iPad's. The larger iPad's have "Retina" screens which are best in class. Caution: Some Android tablets use cheap low resolution screens, a disgrace.

(At left: actual unretouched photo, not a simulated image.)

Electronic photo frames

$120 and up

Display your wedding photos in slide show format. We will copy your favorite photos onto memory cards compatible with your frame.

We recommend ONLY models costing at least $120, from Sony or Kodak (especially the Kodak Pulse model.) Cheaper & older devices have low quality screens and may be closeouts with various problems.

(The example device pictured at left is a discontinued model.Compare its lower image quality with the sharp Galaxy screen at the top of this page.)

Professional archival digital backups of your wedding photos

Price by quote (several hundred $$.)

Our archival backup "albums" are really 2 or 3 sets of digital copies for the client to store at multiple locations. This is the best in class solution for preserving digital files for long periods of time. This concept is used every day NASA, the CIA and Big Business.

The ideal is to keep one copy at a relative's house, another in a bank safety deposit box, etc. Three diverse sets would survive a fire, flood, burglary, technical failure, EMP solar flux or nuclear war!

Manufacturers "claim" long life for their digital products, but nobody really knows if the claims will be accurate. That's why we value using several different types and brands of storage media.

Flush mount albums:
upscale (also sometimes called Coffee Table Albums)

$600 - 2000

Genuine photographic enlargements permamently bound in custom albums of 12 to 160 images. Very high quality cover materials available including leather, linen, acrylic, metal, wood.

The better upscale albums' flush mount photos will be protected against damage using photo grade lacquer or invisible plastic coating on picture surfaces. This keeps photos looking new by protecting against fingerprints, scratches, and moisture.

Some album manufacturers enable custom background images (such as a light toned, black and white wedding photo) over which a "normal" photo is overlaid.

Scrapbook albums (Creative Memories, MyPublisher, Shutterfly, etc.) 

$60- 300

Creative Memories has great album design software. Even better, their LOCAL consultants can personally hold your hand through the album design and ordering process. Order directly from a local Creative Memories representative. Independent scrapbook stores are another possible source. We've used Creative Memories personally and the local consultant we had, Betty Mah in Roseville, was terrific.

Coffee table albums: 
very low cost

$20 - 60

This type of album is ordered directly by the client - through Creative Memories, Shutterfly, Best Buy, Kodak, Target, etc. This is a fun, and affordable way to produce cute albums by uploading our high resolution JPG photos. Our copyright release policy gives you the right to do this. Usually printed through a type of color laser printing. They look nice but don't have quite as much detail as photographic prints, and their thinner pages are easily damaged. The low cost means you can take albums around to show off and you won't worry about losing an expensive album.




 Which poses would I select for a basic album? \

The choice is yours of course. Below are 20 suggested poses that could form the basis of a great "formal" album using either 5x7 or 8x10 enlargements. Albums are custom designed for any length, so this list is just to get you thinking.

1. Bride getting ready
2. Bride coming up the aisle (processional) 
3. Ceremony: vows
4. Ceremony: rings
5. Ceremony: first kiss
6. Ceremony: recessional of the bride and groom
7. Bride portrait full length
8. Bride portrait closer up or soft focus
9. Groom portrait
10. Bride and groom full length
11. Bride and groom closer up or soft focus
12. Wedding party group photo
13. Bride's family group photo
14. Groom's family group photo
15. Bride and groom with pastor or officiant
16. Limousine shot or bride & groom entering reception
17. First dance
18. Father daughter dance
19. Cake cutting
20. Boquet toss


How many pictures should be in an album?

You can use as few as a dozen enlargements in a classic formal album. Or as many as 60. Enlargements can be 8x10 or 5x7 size.

You can tell the basic story of a wedding with a small number of images -- ceremony, vows, portraits, cake cutting. So if you want to keep it simple you certainly can. See above for a suggested list of basic poses.

Flush mount and Coffee Table style albums can fit more images on each page than traditional style albums. They do this by shrinking images down in size. You can actually put up to six images on a page using some creative layouts.


The pleasures of having two albums

If it's hard to choose which shots to leave out, relax. You don't have to stuff everything into one album.

You can have a second "candid" album too. Perhaps an informal album with a couple of hundred 4x6 photos.

Many customers now have a second album in digital form instead of using paper prints. We can put pictures on CD - DVD discs, on an iPod or iPad, on a PC, on a photo sharing website like Flickr or Smugmug or Facebook, or on a personal website.

Just be sure to keep your digital disks stored safely. Because electronic devices like iPod's eventually will wear out. At that time you can copy pictures from your backup discs onto a newer device.

Electronic albums let you zoom in to see details, they can be looked at or shared on the spur of the moment, and are low in cost.



How long do pictures last in an album?

Photographic prints in good albums no longer fade! They should easily last 100 years if treated carefully (avoid excessive heat).

Don't store photo products in the tops of closets (because heat rises) or in car trunks.


Photos exposed to the light (in frames, on desks & walls) will eventually fade because ultraviolet light, and visible light too, affect the inks and chemicals in them. So make sure you keep a backup copy of any favorite photos that are displayed. Faded or damaged photos could be reprinted like-new from your digital backup disks.


About those digital images --- Can any computer read them?

Yes. We use only common file formats that are understood by ALL versions of Microsoft and Apple computers. Includes iPads, Android tablets, and Microsoft "Surface" devices. as well.

We use only digital formats that are expected to remain compatible with computers and photo labs for a very, very long time.


Price Quotes

Exact album prices will be quoted at time of order.

Virtually all photographers now out-source album production to the album manufacturers. This is due to there being too many varieties of colors, styles, and materials for a local photographer to stock.




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